Math Time Attack! has Flashcards, Quiz and Test modes to help learn and recall multiplication, division, addition and subtraction with an emphasis on speed and accuracy.

I wrote Math Time Attack! to help my child with “Lightning” math tests in elementary school. To pass these tests the students needed to correctly answer a set of 45 math questions in two minutes – not very much time at all.  Drilling with conventional flashcards helped, but practicing with an app that had a time limit, gave feedback on how long each problem took, and required each question to be answered was much more effective.

Test/Quiz Test mode presents the specified number of problems with a given time limit and number range. Students see a progress bar that shows how far along they are in the set and if they have run out of time.

Quiz mode asks the whole set of questions for the specified number range and repeats questions that have been answered incorrectly. A time limit is not enforced, but the time for each question is reported and the students can see which questions are taking them the longest and if they are hitting the overall goal for the average time per question they will need to pass the test.

Flashcard Flashcard mode shows the whole set of questions for the number range and lets students get familiar with the problems.

Each problem is first displayed without the answer and a "Show" button.

Pressing "Show" reveals the answer and the button switches to "Next".

Pressing "Next" will proceed to the next problem.

Results The Results screen for all modes includes an email option to make it easy to share and validate the students progress with a parent or teacher.

Any questions which were answered incorreclty are shown at the top of the list in red with the right answer.

Below that, all the correct answers are shown sorted by the time. Any questions that took longer than the target time (test time limit / number of test questions) have the times shown in red.

The Settings are flexible and allow you to specify:

Which type of problem (multiplication, division, addition or subtraction).
The number up to which to test and the high number for the range (for example up to 5's through 12).
The time limit in seconds for the Test mode.
The number of questions for the Test mode.
Name of the student to include in the results.
Email address for sending the results.

If you have questions, feedback or need help please email:

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